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:bulletgreen:How to join:
Just click on the "Join this group" button, you'll be automatically accepted.

:bulletgreen:Submitting art:
Your artwork must be a fanart or cosplay of a Hetalia character as a pirate, privateer or viking; wearing clothing based on the country's sailing, exploration or expansion era.

:bulletpurple:The most canon pirates in Hetalia are England and Spain.
Due to the lack of other pirates, the group will accept other countries wearing certain war/military uniforms.

If you designed a pirate outfit for a country, that's great!
The character does not have to be a real pirate, just pirate like.

:bulletred:A certain level of art skill and effort is needed to be accepted. Screenshots, bad quality pics or poor anatomy is not allowed.

:bulletred:No stolen work allowed, this includes recolors and tracing. Permission and/or credit of the original artist required.

:bulletred: Please refrain from posting commissions or request asking for roleplayers on this groups page or gallery. They will be denied and hidden.

:bulletblue:Submitting to which folder:
Please don't forget to choose to which media or category your art goes to! Don't forget our favorites gallery is open too!

Single character folders: If titled a certain country then it must be solely that character as a pirate. No other pirates allowed!

Nordic Vikings folder: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and/or Sweden as Vikings only! No other countries allowed! Solos, pairings, groups of any of those 5 Nordic countries are acceptable. Nordics dressed as pirates, please put in the "other characters" folder.

Other and Original characters folder: For characters other than England, Spain, Prussia, France or the Nordic Vikings. Characters can be solo or accompanied by another unfamiliar pirate.

Groups and pairings folder: If the artwork contains characters that falls into more than one folder above then it belongs here.

Artisan Crafts Folder: For all handmade items such as paper craft cutouts and cosplay novelties.

Literature and comic folders For all characters, solo or grouped. Note: For literature, it will not be accepted if it has uncredit/stolen image cover. Before accepting them, I will ask you to change it or put in credits. Reason being it to be mistaken for artwork instead of story.

:new: Request from Members folder
For journal or literature deviations requesting for help such advertising your contest or looking for roleplayers. These posts must be Pirate!Hetalia related.

:bulletyellow:If you don't know which folder to add to:
Feel free to submit to "featured". It will be sorted as soon as possible.

:bulletyellow:Genderbending or selfcest countries: Please think of it as it's original country when submitting into folders.

:bulletpurple:What is the difference between pirates, privateers and vikings?

Pirates are people who robs or commits illegal violence at sea or on the shores of the sea. They are independent, rebels, and are not associated with any government.

Privateers are legal, pirates authorized by a country's government to raid ships and interrupt enemy trade during times of war.

Vikings are Scandinavian warriors, explorers, merchants and pirates who raided the coasts and islands of other countries.

Vikings actually believed that stealing was wrong however battling people for their loot was fair. They believed there was nothing after death for most people and so the only thing that would live was their name as a great viking. However those who broke oaths or stole would lead an afterlife of torment.

Traditional pirates on the other hand could steal, kill, break oaths and it was just their way of life.


Gallery Folders

Artisan Crafts



:star: If you want to affiliate with this group, go right ahead! :star:
No need to ask, it's automatically accepted.



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can i join the group? my computer is weird, it won't let me press the 'join group' button
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Anyone wanna RP? Heres a link to who i can be and who im looking for. If interested note/comment please and thank you :).

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Please don't post personal commission infos/links on the group's page.
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